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What skills and qualities does your organization need to develop? Notre Dame’s custom programs are a proven way to improve leadership, devise new strategies, and build the business acumen your firm needs to excel.  We work with your leadership team to create effective and efficient programs – contact us to get started. 

Our approach is highly adaptable, producing results with organizations across several industries. Our focus on each individual in our program allows us to deliver highly interactive, applicable and results-oriented experiences.

Case Study: National Council of State Housing Agencies

Leading Change, One Employee at a Time

State Housing Agency Executive Directors were clamoring for strategic planning that fit their needs. So they partnered with Notre Dame. 


After a thorough search, the National Council of State Housing Agencies partnered with Notre Dame to customize an intermediate development program focused on growth and providing relevant content such as strategy, negotiations and leadership development to mid-managers and above.

The relationship with Notre Dame, now in its 15th year, continues to grow as both the National Council and individual state housing agencies face evolving needs such as increased competition, historically low interest rates and the collapse of the housing market.  

Relationship and Results

“This relationship is much bigger than just an annual program; we regularly tap Notre Dame resources for other purposes.”

Barbara Thompson
Executive Director, NCSHA

“Whenever someone comes back from Notre Dame, they are all energized and excited. Have they caught what we have been talking about? The magic that happens at Notre Dame is fifty percent of the experience—it is emotional and mentally rejuvenating at the same time.”

Classroom Experience

“I believe that continuous improvement in our organization happens through continuous learning.”

Dennis Shockley, Executive Director, Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency, Past Program Participant

“The Notre Dame program gives my agency’s leaders real opportunities to learn and step up their game. Participants have told me that in addition to honing their leadership skills, they have also gained the confidence to initiate change and deal with the inevitable resistance.”

  • Mission: An affordably housed nation
  • A Relationship that leads to Results
  • Confidence to Initiate Change

Details About Customized Programs

Executive Education at Notre Dame

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