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Business leaders need more than just technical skills; they need the capacity, courage, perspective and character to be effective, strategic leaders. The Notre Dame Executive MBA program, ranked 15th worldwide by both The Economist and Bloomberg Businessweek, teaches business leaders to understand the big picture and drive success in the workplace. They develop their executive perspective, establish a powerful network, and learn to become authentic leaders respected by those around them.

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From the relationships they build with other students to the expertise of the faculty, hear how Notre Dame's values-based curriculum helps Executive MBA students and alumni make a difference for their organization and in the world, as well.


Vince Mayfield EMBA '15 CEO, Bit-Wizards

Bit-Wizards’ Captain Kirk, family man, driven strategizer , do-er of the right thing, military brat and veteran, engaged culture-creator, maximizer of the Notre Dame experience, software engineer, entrepreneur


“I am a software engineer who learned to run a business and I am good at knowing what I don’t know. So, I came to Notre Dame for business acumen and found I have applied a nugget of wisdom from every class. The phenomenal network of high caliber classmates, who I now am fortunate to call friends, has exceeded my expectations.”

Vince and his business partner formed Bit-Wizards in 2000 in order to build a culture of productive, happy, focused software solution providers. They have created opportunities for their current staff of 50 and are on their way to providing more. Inc. Magazine recognized them four years in a row for their rapid growth and the company made Florida’s Best Companies to Work For list in 2013.


Monica Luechtefeld EMBA '13 Former EVP, Office Depot

Digital trailblazer, strategist, curious learner, global traveler, customer satisfaction champion, ND parent, proud grandmother, California native

"I was further along in my career than many of my peers when I attended the Executive MBA program.  I joined to strengthen my understanding of the broad business foundations  and develop tools that  enhance my business experience. I was impressed with the curriculum’s focus on understanding the customer, finding  unmet demand, and  simulating business challenges under multiple scenarios.”
As a pioneer in the e-commerce world more than twenty years ago, Monica built the first business-to-business website because she saw the great efficiencies it would afford customers and the strategic opportunity for Office Depot. Now, her goal is to help the next generation prepare for the special kind of analytical thinking and creative problem-solving needed in the digital marketing arena.


John Affleck-Graves
Professor and 
Executive Vice President, 
University of Notre Dame

“As a University…we have a goal to be a source for good in society. What better way to be a source for good than to provide leadership in the business community. Everyone in the world is touched by business.”

Dr. Affleck-Graves teaches Financial Statement Analysis for the South Bend Executive MBA program. The students have voted to award him with the Outstanding Teaching Award eight times. He has served as a consultant for numerous companies, including Allied Signal, Bayer, Merck, Pharmacia & Upjohn, and Donnelly Glass.

  • Vince Mayfield
  • Monica Luechtefeld
  • John Affleck-Graves
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The biggest mover in this year’s ranking…thanks to a strong showing in student satisfaction. Students…laud the school’s strong alumni network and the close-knit community atmosphere.

Bloomberg Businessweek #15 Bloomberg Businessweek’s Top Executive MBA Programs of 2013

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